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Relix: Raul Midón: If You Really Want Not every singer knows how to connect with a full orchestra and, certainly, not every orchestra is equipped to accompany a non-classical vocalist. But Raul Midón and the 50-pluspiece Dutch Metropole Orkest have it down.
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GRAMMY®-Nominated Raul Midón Proves Dreams Are Attainable
"If You Really Want" AVAILABLE NOW

Raul Midón Combines His Latin and Jazz Backgrounds for 'Sunshine (I Can Fly)': Exclusive

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Raul Midon's 2018 Grammy nominated new album, which is aptly titled Bad Ass and Blind now on sale!BUY!

They went blind as babies, now one is an award-winning composer and the other scientist from NASA. Read More and Watch Video

Raul Midón – QSO Radio Podcast Read More and Listen

Raul Midón – Owning Your Artistry Read More

Billboard: Raul Midón Embraces Jazz on 'Badass and Blind' Album, Premieres 'Gotta Gotta Give' Lyric Video Read More and Watch

Raul Midón has been named Best Vocal Performance in WTMD’s second annual Baltimore Alternative Music Awards. Click here for a full list of the winners and nominees.

Raul Midón wins us over completely with "If You Really Want" Read More

Raul Midon Jazz Times

Raul Midón: Music Without Borders The blind singer/guitarist's first Before & After listening session ranges far and wide Watch

Raul Midon NPR Tiny Desk Appearance

Raul Midón lives in a world of sound ... for his turn behind Bob Boilen's desk Midón stripps it down to just voice and guitar, the musical equivalent of tightrope walking without a net. Watch

NBC News: ‘Bad Ass and Blind’: Meet Singer-Songwriter Raul Midón Read More and Watch

Raul Midón Premieres "Pedal to the Metal" Music Video
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Raul Midon shows us how to "Fly Like An Eagle"

You know how you react when you see a magician do an incredible trick, right in front of your eyes? You stand there, with your jaw dropped, looking absolutely in awe at him or her, wondering what just happened? Wondering how in the world did they do that? If you ever see incredible vocalist, songwriter and amazing guitarist, Raul Midon, that’s how you’ll feel.
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Raul Midon, as the title of his latest CD makes unmistakably clear, is very much comfortable in his own skin. He is both a bad ass multi-instrumentalist, a great songwriter, a power packed singer who can range from baritone to falsetto with ease, and a vocal simulator whose impersonation of a trumpet is so exact that I’ve heard him perform it on projects that feature top flight trumpeters and I was hard pressed to distinguish between the two.
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Blind musician steals the show Read More and Listen


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